Past Services and Events

Updated: May 4

Past Services and Events

May 15th The Sunday of the Paralytic

As of old Thou didst raise the paralytic, O Lord, /

by Thy Divine presence, /

raise my soul which is paralyzed grievously /

by all manner of sins and unseemly deeds, /

that being saved I may cry out: //

O compassionate Christ, glory be to Thy power.


May 8th, 2022 Sunday of the Myrrh-bearers

When Thou didst cry, Rejoice, unto the myrrh-bearers, / Thou didst make the lamentation of Eve the first mother to cease / by Thy Resurrection, O Christ God. / And Thou didst bid Thine apostles to preach: // The Savior is risen from the grave. ​ This is also the day before Victory Day, so there will be some sort of a service - details are TBD. Most likely a panakhida, either at the parish or at a park in Austin.

The Myrrh-bearing women were the first to see the Empty Tomb and were instructed by Our Risen Lord to bring the News to His Apostles. Here in Texas, the Myrrh-bearers are the patronesses of our burial societies; at St. Andrew’s ours is St. Mary Magdalene.


May 1st, 2022 St. Thomas Sunday

With his searching right hand, Thomas did probe Thy life-bestowing side, O Christ God; / for when Thou didst enter while the doors were shut, // he cried out unto Thee with the rest of the disciples: Thou art my Lord and my God. ​ Fr. Iggy is out this Sunday, so the readers will lead a Typika service with an akathist.


Saturday - April 30th Barking Dog Ranch Fundraiser

Barking Dog Ranch who supplies our food pantry with protein is hosting a fundraiser Saturday the 30th, and one of our catechumens is playing the main stage at 2pm! Please consider attending, donating, or both.


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